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Zoning Plan




Castelnuovo Cilento, Italy


2012 - 2018


Castelnuovo Cilento Municipality

Professional Service:

Project management and Design

The Urban Plan was defined through the following steps:


  1. Reconstruction of a cognitive and analytical framework;

  2. Identification of the key issues/objectives and the capturing the municipality administration goals;

  3. Definition strategies to achieve the aforementioned objectives;

  4. Identification of the transformation areas and the related programmatic framework;

  5. Project drafting.


With reference to the aforementioned framework, the general objectives at the basis of Urban Plan design are:


  1. Transformation of the territory for sustainable socio-economic development focused on the promotion of widespread local resources;

  2. Protection and enhancement of the environment and landscape, as the leading element of social and tourist enjoyment;

  3. The building and infrastructural development based on transformation rather than expansion;

  4. Improvement of the quality of living, restoring the centrality of the public space, and supporting the renewal of both historical and recent settlement fabrics.

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